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Greetings and Welcome...

My name is Christian Anderson and I've been building puppets and such for over 10 years. If you'd like to have a puppet built have a look around and if you like what you see I'd love to talk to you about making your puppet a reality.

Featured Projects
Ira & Miriam, puppets from America's Got Talent season 10. Custom Puppets.

Ira & Miriam from "America's Got Talent"

Ira and Miriam Fennelbloom appeared on Season 10 of 'America's Got Talent'. Ira first appeared alone on the show nervously singing a rendition of Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful" to Mel B who kissed Ira on the nose, but was not impressed enough to give him a "yes". However Heidi Klume, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern felt otherwise and Ira began his Journey all the way through the Judges Cuts (where Mel finally saw the light), the Quarter Finals, to the semifinals, along side his mother Miriam, where Howard gifted them with the coveted Scarlet X. Unfortunately America felt the same as Howard and the two were voted off the show. Shortly after America's Got Talent Ira and Miriam appeared on the Italian talent show 'Tu Is Que Vales', where they made it to the Finals. I performed Ira while my dear friend Howie Michael Smith performed Miriam. I built all the puppets who appeared in our act and was lucky enough to get to hire some of my NY puppeteer friends Jennifer Barnhart, Paul McGinnis, Haley Jenkins, Liz Hara, Spencer Lott, Frankie Cordero and Noel McNeal. Check out Ira's website or his YouTube Channel Ira Sings to see all of our 'America's Got Talent' appearances and web series!

Cherie, custom puppet from Rachel Lewis' and Alex Fox's "Puppet Town" at the Nerdist Showroom in Hollywood, CA.
Cherie from "Puppet Town"

'Cherie' is an original character I built for a sketch comedy show for kids called "Puppet Town". Created by Rachel Lewis and Alexandra Fox (writers on Disney's 'Bizaardvark', PBS Kid's 'Odd Squad', AppleTV+' 'Helpsters'), "Puppet Town" was performed monthly for about a year and a half at the Nerdist Showroom in the back of Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. The show starred a regular cast of puppets and humans and featured a different comedian guest star every episode.  Some guests included Tim Simon, Parvesh Cheena, Maribeth Monroe and Ithamar Enriquez. Not only did I build Cherie, performed by Rachel Lewis, but I built and performed her love interest Vincent (see Gallery). I also built a trigger operated Corn on the Cobb puppet (see Gallery) who told, what else but, corny jokes and I refurbished another puppet I previously owned to look like the original design of Sheldon the hypochondriac Wooly Mammoth performed by Alexandra Fox. Check out Puppet Town on their Facebook page.

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